Lee County Health Park & Florida Hospitals hide clean Water

Why are doctors and Cancer Centers attacking America by hiding spring water to the tap vs Radioactive Arsenic Treated Water with Judges, Leaders, Media to kill Americans!

Bush Family-Rothschild, UN, EPA & US Navy setup BP Oil Spill

The REAL reason BP Oil Spill occurred was for this West Florida Tampa to Naples gang of Leaders and Wallstreet  to buy  lands low then open this resource to control developers & sell Meds.

If this Sarasota-Desoto-Charlotte county  Secret Underground Ocean site  and its global knowledge to find the rest was disclosed the spill wouldnt of happened and all West Florida beaches would be cleaner like the Taps and Humans will be when this is connected!  It takes 2hrs to verify Quality and Capacity!

72 Partners attacking Gilberti Land is shareholder w Swfwmd

Shutdown Southwest Florida Water Management District and Peace River Manasota Water Supply for hiding this World Drinking Water Resource w Mosaic Phosphate!  Move all tax base to School Boards for Cops per Majorie Stoneman Douglas Act to replenish School budgets!

Arrest all Lawyers, Boards, Staff and Engineers, consultants for US TREASON immediately!  Gilberti has Kenny Harrison of 72 Partners, EPA, Hospitals, Southwest Florida Water Management, Fish & Wildlife, Peace River Manasota Water supply

Sarasota continuing Service Engineers - Carollo Engineers, A

Global Foreign owned Engineering Corporations design water supply from RED TIDE Radioactive Rivers with Developers in Sarasota and the Carlton Family, Benderson, Lennar, Pat Neil Communities to create a Cancer Cluster on US Children and Families w Swfwmd, Peace River Manasota, Courts, Hospitals and more for Money~  Hide the spring water underground River for 50yrs!!!

One pipe lowers Water & Electric Bills, Cancer in West Fla

This underground River was designed around and hidden by Blue Gold Bush Family and A Tampa group of Rough Rider Notre Dame Terrorist with SWFWMD and FDEP

Engineer Gilberti plans used at Mosaic Arcadia Rodeo stolen!

Judge Hall, Judge parker, Mosaic and Desoto county staff, Leaders knew of this World Water Resource at Daughtrey land and used Gilberti to draw Rodeo who didn't know Daughtrey yet at Sarasota Dr. Bill King and Tim Mapp hired him to do a Mining pit permit at Southwest Florida WMD and ACOE!  Litigation was pending for Lien and engineering!  Judge Halls Naples law firm also represented Gilberti at Silverio and Hall!!  They played Gilberti and Daughtrey with Desoto cops, Judges and Tampa to Naples Lawyers with Obama, Gov Scott and Mosiac in 2011 to now!

The only Good Deed any US leader ever did on Earth

The Only Great thing ever done by an US Leader in our Lifetime!  If anyone bullies Melania Trump again will have to deal with Engineer Gilberti in the near Future!

We protect our Women and Children FIRST!  This Woman will open this Water soon with her son with my wife Christine and show all Mankind how to LEAD with Jesus's Grace!! 

Ask Trump-Obama to give up all Money and open Jesus's Water

Ask Trump, his Family and wife to give up all Money and Assets and exposed Jesus's endless Blue Gold for America!  Live Poor for the rest of your life but know you opened a Great Gift from Jesus!  Why not?  Save your Souls!

Boston Marathon Explosion Gilberti Kidnapped by US Marshalls

At 10:54am on 4-15-2013 Gilberti sends Jog email of FDEP and FDLE running in Leon County torch run 12 days after discovering Secret Underground Ocean hidden 40yrs by US Leaders, NASA and EPA to Kill America with Cancer rates at the Tap and FAKE Medicine!  This Oceans is Earths True Water God makes and TRUE MEDICINE!  Arrest Obama and all Florida leaders, Cops and Judges who knew and didn't HELP!!

Gilberti Jesus's Greatest Profit opens our Endless Blue Gold

Jesus's GREATEST Prophet, Engineer Gilberti with Jesus's Endless Hidden BLUE GOLD pounds all FLORIDA, US & World Leaders, US Supreme Court Justices, all Tampa Judges & Cancer Centers, Media & Rothschild Zionist into Hell🔥.........And made World Great Again!

Don't Mess with the US or your Next on my List! ...... Isaiah 42

Leaders, Pedophile Church & Rothschild hide Secret USA Water

This is why NO Media, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, College Leaders, Florida and US Leaders, Pope or Churches simply test this Secret Water!  Bill Gates, Internet, Apple phones hide it too!

Florida Parkland Shooting was FAKE headed to SUPREME COURTS

What a Coincidence?  Engineer Gilberti submits SRF Funding at at FDEP January 28, 2018 at the Majorie Stoneman Douglas Building with Health Department.  17 days later the Parkland Majorie Stoneman Douglas shooting happens with 17killed and 17wounded?  Why didnt these Kids and School boards expose this Water with this Multimillion dollar offer to expose Violent Video games?  Arrest this School Board and their Lawyers for TREASON and FAKE NEWS to hire more Cops and TAX Schools!