Endless Antioxidant Spring Water to the Tap has been hidden by EPA & NASA for 40yrs!

Fountain of Youth-Access to Secret Underground Spring Ocean

Access to Underground Endless Alkaline River in Sarasota Florida with Calcium (118mg/) and Magnesium (78mg/l) with pH=7.49 ready to drink next to 6-County Regional Water Supply system in West Florida!

Man can be Born Again under this Pure Resource - John 3:3-16

This is a Second Chance through Jesus and his PURE Water to be Born  Again with Christian America and the FREE Loving World!

Fountain of Youth hidden in Sarasota has access to Oceans

Gilberti KT Hypothesis - Yucatan Meteor Impact or KT Event tilts Florida Platforms giving Access to Secret Underground Antioxidant Spring Oceans hidden 40yrs by EPA, NASA and Leaders for Eugenics & Military Complex.

Gilberti KT Hypothesis Explained

These Secret Resources put Soldiers and all Nations to work in Global Peace and Harmony for Centuries.

South Fla Presentation 4-12-16 hidden During 2016 Election

Meteor Impact to hidden Underground Oceans with 300mile Blue Gold Pipeline from Sarasota to South Florida for Alkaline Housing Boom, millions of Jobs and New Medicine.  National Defense and Hurricane Disaster Relief Resource!

Oceans beneath Earth ends Global Warming LIES by EPA & UN

Why is this Water hidden from Mankind and access to it at Gilberti Ranch in Florida?

Endless Blue Gold to Tap restructured fixes Blood in Minutes

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Yucatan Meteor Impact or KT Event gives Access to Secret H2O

Check out this great video

Blue Gold Water Wars kills 20,000 kids/day solved with Jesus

There are endless Alkaline Spring Water underground Oceans hidden by all Media and Leaders who are Afraid to Help Mankind.  The People in this Video also hide Earths True Water too!

Underground River replaces RV Griffin Radioactive Reservoir

Swfwmd and Peace River Manasota Water Supply (Sarasota-Desoto-Charlotte-Manatee Counties) purposely attacked America at the Tap and hid this World Resource with EPA, FEMA, and Florida Leaders to fill Cancer Centers with Kids!  To Sell Medicine and Vaccines with Elite tied to a Pedophile Ring and Mecia groups

Southwest Florida Blue Gold Pipeline to Taps and Hospitals

Natural Pure Alkaline Mineral Spring Water replaces Treated Cancer Causing Tap with lower Utility bills and Cancer rates!

Southeast Spring Water Pipeline to Taps, Cruiselines & Ports

Blue Gold to 8million American Homes and millions of Tourist!

Americas Greatest Opportunity

Access to Alkaline Mineral Spring Water Oceans for Tap


300 mile Antioxidant Spring Pipeline to the Tap from Sarasota to Miami with New Medicine from Secret Underground River from Yucatan Meteor Impact

Millions of Construction Jobs and New Medicine


Engineer with Secret Underground River in Sarasota teaching NASA and Washington how to find the Rest across Earths in days! Blue Gold Infrastructure brings World Peace in Sarasota! spring water in Cape Coral

300 Mile Antioxidant Spring Pipeline to 10milion Home Taps


Plans down I-75 into FDOT & Florida Health Department for 15 Counties and 45 Cities since 2012 hidden by US Media


Closer to the Heart - I-75 Spring Water Transmission Starts

LandTech Design Group - Planning, Engineering & Consulting Firm Owner of Hidden US Resource for THE PEOPLE

300mile Antioxidant Spring Pipeline from Sarasota to South Florida - Florida's North South Water War

Hidden US Resource is located next to a 6-County infrastructure at 9438 Daughtrey Road, Sarasota, Florida 34266 at 2500ac Ranch in Myakka

Blue Gold Infrastructure brings World Peace & Jobs

Sarasota, Florida, United States



Open today

09:00 am – 05:00 pm

Access to Secret Oceans Beneath Earth hidden in Sarasota

Why is this Hidden by Mosaic Phosphate, EPA and Washington DC

Masked Cops attack Engineer Christmas Eve w Disney Pedo Gang

It seems US Leaders, Walt Disney, Media and Catholic Churches would serve America and Mankind better on Christmas Eve exposing this Unique endless Medicine Water Jesus provides for our Children and Family Homes and Buinesses?