Peace River Manasota Water Authority October 5, 2016

This Board is owned Sarasota, Manatee, Desoto & Charlotte Commissioners and they are all paid off by Israel Mosaic Mining compact and a Massive Medicaid Fraud Ring, Bottling Gang and Big Phama group to poison our Taps and manipulate Votes timed with Infrastructure National Funding!

This was just before Hurricane Mathew! Still hidden during Hurricane IRMA by all Florida leaders, FEMA, FPL, Mosaic, USF-Moffit, Duke and Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton and pedophile Catholic church in Venice Sarasota! 

Kids Present to City of North Port, Sarasota March 27, 2013

 March 27, 2013 City of North Port Presentation by Kids to get Healthiest spring water to tap!

This was one month before we realized what we really had under this Ranch in Sarasota!  Jim Murray of of Amps Aquifer maintenance in Palm Beach, secret US consultant showed us Meteor impact and informed us this Water has never been seen before! 

We were using common sense here as Spring water is cleaner and cheaper than Treated RED TIDE Rivers with Arsenic to the Region!

City of Cape Coral Spring Water to Tap January 8, 2018

Why is the City of Cape Coral Council, Staff, local Media, Hospitals, Utility Department hiding less expensive Antioxidant spring water to the Tap while installing thousands of miles of new lines with Arsenic or recycled poop water from Ft Myers, Charlotte?  To fill Hospitals with Cancer kids like the rest?

Broward County 300mile Antioxidant Pipeline April 12, 2016

Presentation on 4-12-2016 during Trump and Clinton Election hidden by all Candidates, Media and Florida Leaders to fill Cancer Centers with Medicaid Gov Scott, Obama, Congress, Media, all Tampa to Miami Judges, Cops, Leaders, Mosaic, Wall Street and Blue Gold Bush Family to kill Americans at the Tap w Cancer Rates and Fake Trial Medicine on TV Daily!

West Florida Secret underground Spring River to 5mil Taps!

Instantly within months over 5million homes and lots are charged with Alkaline Mineral spring water to create a Housing boom with Individual Contractors from platted lots from General Development Corp in West Florida!  Water bills and cancer drop and millions of Jobs begin!  True Water Origins hidden by Mosaic Phosphate, EPA and Florida Leaders to fill Cancer centers at the Tap from Arsenic RED TIDE rivers for decades!  CANCER PREVENTING HOMES & REGION!

Broward School Board Parkland Shooting Offer March 20

This whole fake shooting was retroactive with the FDEP Pipeline SRF Funding application and submittal to FDEP on Jan 28, 2018 at the Majorie Stoneman Douglas Building in Tallhassee Florida.  Why were they practicing Terrorism shooting with Broward Cops and drama students the week before and Gov Scott and Secret Service were there with them?  

In America it seems your a HERO if your an ACTOR and can FOOL AMERICANS on FAKE TERRORISM to attempt to hire more COPS and TAKE OUR GUNS AND CONSTITUTION?

Sarasota County hides Spring Water to Tap September 9, 2014

Why is Sarasota county, its staff, School Boards, Southwest Florida Water management, health Departments, Hospitals & City of Longboat Key hiding this Endless Underground Ocean of Alkaline Spring Water while pumping RED TIDE Peace River Water and Radioactive Carlton Arsenic Well Water to millions and building ZIKA Pond reservoirs after Hurricane Charlie with Israel Mosaic Phosphate, Peace River Manasota, Charlotte, Desoto, Manatee, Ft Myers, Cape coral and Tampa leaders, EPA & Washington?

Miami Dade 300mile Spring Pipeline -Item 1E1 July 15, 2014

Presented 300mile Antioxidant Pipeline while Turkey Point Power plant spill contaminated millions of This Agenda Item 1E1 was sponsored by the Chair Commissioner Mrs Sosa who had Breast Cancer and who we met with doctors at her office and MIAMI DADE WATER & SEWER DIRECTOR and staff 3x prior!  Why is this hidden by UM, FIU, Jackson Memorial, Marco Rubio and Miami Herald from Millions of People who need this US Resource!  Its could have been there by now!!taps at the same time!

The Fort Myers & Lee County School Board April 28, 2015

Why are School Boards, their Lawfirms, Hospitals, EPA, FEMA, Leaders, Media and all the Florida Judges & Cops hiding Endless Cancer stopping Spring water to millions of Taps this long and hard!  And now this Parkland fake shooting on top of the FAKE Beach Elementary story to cancer Christmas by Cops and Southwest Florida media, leaders and environmentalist RED TIDE Drinking Water Mosaic Phosphate Medicaid Fraud Florida fools!