Gilberti vs Fed Reserve-Desantis - $Billions for Environment

300mile pipeline with World bottling pays for Environmental clean up and Alkaline Housing Boom, new Food, Hurricane Relief, healthcare from bottling procee

Broward Parkland offer 3-20-18 at School Board

Why didn't the Parkland Kids take the ONE MILLION each offer to show wounds, talk about violent video games and help expose Earths healthiest spring water to 10mil Florida Taps the Leaders and media hide to fill Cancer centers with many more kids than a school shooting?  Why are their parents hiding this Water Resource with EPA, Trump and Hospitals, Doctors, Universities?  Why?

Parkland shooting timed with FDEP Marjory Stoneman funding

Engineer explains timed Parkland Shooting and Boston Bomb attack with FDEP Marjory Stoneman Douglas funding on Worlds No1 Resource.  Why is Media hiding Clean endless Spring Water to the Tap of millions?

#Qanon Boston Bomb, Parkland Kids timed w DEP Water Permit

The Same Leaders, Lawyers, Media, Cops and Judges hiding this US Resource are tied to a Pedophile Ring in Florida with Walt Disney

Smith-Mundt Act timed with Parkland and Gilberti Water fund

Boston Bomb, Pulse Bar, Parkland shooting are all Fake News timed with attacking Engineer Gilberti with Peodphile US Leaders and Hollywood LBGTQ Sodomite

Gilberti vs Federal Reserve Case 19-cv-00738

Federal Reserve, Trump, Candidates, Congress, EPA, Desantis, FEMA, NASA, Tampa Central Command hiding Endless Alkaline Spring Water to millions of Taps tied to Israel Terrorist attacks using Cops, Judges, Schools, Media and Developers-Wal

Racketeering Lawsuit Joseph Gilberti vs Federal Reserve Board

 Racketeering Lawsuit Joseph Gilberti vs Federal Reserve Board, Obama, Congress, Isreal Mosaic Phosphate, EPA, DOI, ACOE, Swfwmd, Peace River Manasota Water Supply, Sarasota, Desoto, Hillsborough Counties filed in Washington DC for Water Supply Terrorism and Eugenics millions of Americans .  Terrorism acts faked across USA with Smith-Mundt Act to kidnap Gilberti in Tampa to hide World Water resource and billions of World Jobs from Humanity by all US Media, Florida Leaders and Congress for past 6yrs!

Blue Gold Water Wars kills 20,000kids/day solved by Gilberti

Why are all US Leaders, FEMA, EPA and NASA hiding an endless Ocean of Fresh spring Water across Earth.  Access is from leaks from Large meteor impacts and they all know!  Florida has the best one under Gilberti Ranch in Sarasota and ALL Florida Leaders need to be ARRESTED for US TREASON!  Its mixture changes medicine and permits are in for millions of Taps!

Mosaic Phosphate Tampa to Ft Myers hides this US Resource

Israel owned Mosaic Phosphate with West Florida Leaders are pumping RED TIDE, Arsenic and Cesium 137 Desalinization Treated Water to the Tap to fill Cancer centers with Coke, Pepsi, Nestle and Moffit Cancer in a massive Racketeering Medicaid Fraud operation!  Arrest all for US TREASON on Water supply and attacking US National defense resources with their funders Rothschild Fed Reserve bank and FBI Terrorism!  This Corp is America and World biggest enemy killing millions of Children w Eugenics!

Mosaic-Coke-Pepsi-Nestle & Rothschild hide endless Blue Gold

End all Coke, Nestle, Pepsi and Rothschild Federal Reserve for US & World Treason!  These Central Banking groups, Bottling and Phosphate Mining Corps are causing World Hunger, Diseases and Wars and are sitting on these Secret Access Point with all the Underground Military bases and Oil-Energy Corps!  Detain all Board and CEO's back to 1991 for US TREASON!

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